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Computer Architecture Assignment Help

 Computer Architecture Assignment Help(鍥1)

Computer Architecture Assignment Help | Computer Architecture Homework Help

Computer Architecture is one of the most interesting fields of computer engineering. If you want to learn computer architecture then you must learn pipelining. Pipelining = instruction fetch instruction decode register fetch execute address memory access write back. This may look very simple but the students who get tough computer architecture assignments know that pipelining is not as easy as it looks. If you are one of the students who have invested ample amount of time without getting a solution for your assignment then you take seek Computer Architecture Assignment Help from 鈥楾he Programming Assignment Help鈥. Our brilliant programmers will complete the assignments before the given timeline and without compromising on the quality. More importantly, we follow the university standards and guidelinesand ensure 100% unique solution for all programming assignments.

All the programmers we work with hold a Masters or Ph.D. degree in Computer science and are available to serve the students 24脳7. The online computer architecture assignment help offered by our programmers will help you gain A+ grade in your academics. You no longer need to worry or stress yourself for completing the assignment on your own. You can hand over the mantle of doing it to CSCODING experts.

Before we get into, what is our USP and key focus areas while providing computer engineering assignment helplet us learn more about computer architecture.

What Is Computer Architecture?

Computer architecture is a subject in computer engineering that comprises of a set of rules and methods which are used to explain the functionality and implementation of computer systems. In layman鈥檚 terms, computer architecture tells you which technologies are compatible with the computer system. The computer architecture is a science of selecting right hardware along with the components that are used in the computer. It is important to design the architecture perfectly, since this would have an impact on the program that is coded by the developer. This architecture is built to serve the logical purpose of the functioning of a system. Previously, computer architecture would majorly emphasize on the working of CPU and how memory is used by it, but now its focus is completely on Non-Uniform Memory Access (NUMA).

Binary coding is the concept that is used by computers to process information. It is represented in the below format


Binary Coding


Binary Coding























So on鈥︹

You can add or subtract binary numbers to get the solution just like you do in mathematics. For example: 3+5=8 and same can be done in binary 0011+0101 = 1000. It is that simple.

Different Categories of Computer Architecture

Listed below are the different categories of computer architecture:


This is the language that is easily read by the CPU (Central Processing Unit) embedded in the system. This is actually termed as a machine language that would set the format, word size, address, memory and instruction sets.

Micro architecture:

This will explain the process of making relationships and also about storage contents. This organizes everything in a proper way.

System Design:

This consists of hardware components that are embedded in the system and those include CPU, switches, buses, etc.

Computer architecture is a blend of both Memory organization and Instruction Set Architecture (ISA). The later one has the parts that are visible to the programmers and let them carry out the work. With three categories of computer architecture, it is important for the programmer to choose ISA and then implement using the hardware effectively. When you are designing any computer architecture, you need to keep the performance and consumption of power in mind.

The implementation is further categorized into three types:

Logic Implementation:

This is not connected to computer architecture, but relates to hardware design engineering. This will design some parts in the system that are connected at the gate as well as transfer levels.

Circuit implementation:

This kind of implementation is carried out in the secondary level that allows you to use latches and multiplexers to boost the performance.

Physical implementation:

In this type of implementation, circuits are drawn, the chip floor plan is designed and wires that are connected are routed.

Computer architecture will have a direct impact on the logical execution part of the program, which a programmer can see. When it comes to organizing the computer, there would involve a lot of operational units and interconnections that would show the specifications of the architecture. The attributes of a specific architecture comprises of instructions, data types, input/output processes and addressing memory.

Structure and Function

A Computer has many electronic components. The complicated hierarchal nature of this kind of electronic system would show the descriptions and designs. The designer should pay attention to each level of the system. Every level comprises of specific components that are interconnected.

Structure: This shows the relationship that is between various components. The structure comprises of the following components:

  • CPU: This has complete control over the computing operations and data processing functions. This will control different units, including the arithmetic unit, logic unit, control unit, registers, CPU interconnections, etc.

  • Main Memory: This stores the data

  • Input / Output: This will move the data between the system as well as external sources

  • System interconnections: In this type of unit, communicate will transpire between memory, CPU, input and output systems. This is also called as a system bus.

Functions: This shows every part in the structure along with the operations. Few of the key functions include:

  • Data processing: Different types of data is available and would need different ways to process

  • Data storage: Storing data is very important for every organization. There will be huge chunks of data produced that is the key reason to have a storage unit to store the data.

  • Data movement: Data will be moving from system to external sources

  • Control: This unit will be handling all the resources of the system.

Understanding the architecture of the computer is a bit complicated for Computer science students especially for those who are inclined towards programming languages. They may be spending sleepless nights to write the assignments on the computer architecture related topics given by the lecturers but are unable to come up with a good solution. However, if you are one of the students who have no time in completing the assignment, then you can approach our Computer Architecture Assignment Help experts to get the assignment done before the given timeline and with perfection. We will provide you the summary of how we arrived at the solution. This will help you in understanding the assignment solution and answering all the questions asked by your professor related to the work done.

Computer Architecture Assignment Help

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