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Network and Systems Administration Assignment Help

 Network and Systems Administration Assignment Help(鍥1)

Network Administration Assignment Help | Systems Administration Assignment Help

Network and Systems Administration- The name itself gives you an indication that the subject is boring and you will have to read tons of books in the entire semester to score top grades. If you are a student who prefers spending time on their hobbies, extracurricular activities or doing a part time job then you might need network and systems administration assignment help. Our nerdy programming assignment help experts can help you solve the lengthy network administration and systems administration assignments. We follow the university guidelines and specifications given by students thoroughlywhile working onthe solution.

Network and system administration assignments are lengthy. There are some simple conceptslike WAN, LAN, intranets, network segments etc. on which most of the assignments are based. Network services, network design, maintenance work etc. are some of the other topics on which students get assignments. There is a lot of fear lingering in the minds of students with the assignment completion deadline coming closer. No matter how much student try to spend time with their friends and family, but the fear of approaching deadline will irk your mind. The only way to get rid of this distressing and despairing situation is by hiring our assignment help experts. We understand your problem and will churn out the best, original and authentic assignment that helps you reach your academic goal. Our network and systems administration homework help experts are well trained and experienced in writing system and network assignments.  

What Is A Computer Network?

A computer network or data network is all about connecting systems together in a common network to share information and sources with each other. The internet is the network to which billions of computers are connected globally. The information is delivered with the help of coding or is supported by the computing language. People living in this digital era should understand the role of computer networking. Computer networking will allow users to access the programs and databases remotely. Data can be within the organization or in public sources. By using computer networking fundamentals, you can connect to the people globally sitting in your home on a system. A computer network allows people to communicate at a brisk pace. The networked connecting devices will transfer information to each other with the help of data connections. This connection is established either with a wireless or wired medium. 
Key features of computer networks include:

  •     Share resources

  •     Create and store files in a computer and access them on another computer from a remote location

  •     Connect various networking devices like printer, scanner and fax machine to a computer and let the users on other systems on the network to use those devices. 

Different Types Of Computer Connections

A series of computers that are connected to a network is called a topology. Our system and network assignment experts will compose the assignments on different topologies and few of them include:

  • Star Topology :

    In this type of computational topology, there is a node that connects every computer in a network. Every computer on the network is connected independently to a central node. If the communication to one of the computers will break, then the rest of the system connected to the network will operate normally.

  • Ring topology:

    The computers are connected to the network in the form of a ring from one end to another end. The signal will flow through the circle until it would find a terminal. If there is a single computer on the ring starts to function cranky, then it affects the rest of the computers on the ring. 

  • Bus topology:

    In this type of topology, the systems are connected to a common cable so that all the nodes on the network would receive the message simultaneously. 

Different Types Of Computer Networks

The computer network can be categorized into three types and these concepts are used in answering many computer administration assignments. There include:

  • Local Area Network:

    The acronym of local area network is LAN. This type of network will serve only a small space in a confined area. This is used in universities, schools, offices, etc. 

  • Metropolitan Area Network:

    The acronym of metropolitan area network is MAN. This type of network will connect all the computers together in a large area compared to LAN. This covers only a few areas in the city. 

  • Wide Area Network:

    Wide area network or WAN will serve a lot of people connected in different geographical locations. This comprises of both MAN and LAN. 

  • Wireless Local Area Network:

    The acronym of this network is WLAN. WLAN can be formed without the use of wires where the computers are connected to the server. 

Different Network Devices

Network devices are the heart of the network the transfers the data on the network. Few of the devices that are listed here include:

  • Hub: This will connect all the computers at one point using a topology network.

  • Repeater: This will receive the signal and sends back this signal at higher power. 

  • Modem: This device will convert the digital signals of a system into a sound that is relayed over telephone lines. As the name suggests, it is a modulator and a demodulator. There are different types of modems and those are classified based on the data each one can transfer and process it in a given time span and the speed of data transfer is expressed in terms of bytes per second. 

  • Switch: This will let you receive data from different ports and transmit the data to the destined port.

  • Bridge: This device connects multiple networks together for easy communication. This also has the ability to interlink two ports at jet speed.

The above are basic concepts in network and system administration. Let us now understand why students seek help with network administration homework.

Network Administration Assignment Help| Systems Administration Assignment Help

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Network And Systems Administration Topics

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Network efficiency analysisIntelligent notices
Database Management SystemWide Area Network (WAN)
Local Area Network (LAN)Metropolitan Area Network (MAN)
Campus Area Network (CAN)Storage Area Network (SAN)
Personal Area Network (PAN)System Area Network (SAN)
Common Network Devices (Hub, Repeater, Modem, Basic Router, Basic Firewall)Enterprise service deployment


Online Network Administration Assignment | Systems Administration Assignment 鈥 Questions& Answers

Question 1: Write two examples of hierarchical naming and hierarchical addressing

Answer: The two examples of hierarchical naming would be and The two examples of hierarchical addressing: and 512-555-1212

Question 2: How can a device recognize that an incoming packet is an ARP request?

Answer: In an ARP request packet, the frame type is the hexadecimal value 0x806.Thus when device investigates the incoming packet, a frame type of 0x806 indicates that the packet is an ARP request.

Question 3: How many responses does the sender of an ARP broadcast request expect to receive?

Answer: The sender of ARP request massage expects to receive only one response because only device should have an IP address contained in the ARP request packet.

Question 4: What is the initial Domain Part portion of an ATM address?

Answer: The ATM address consists of two parts: the Initial Domain Part (IDP) or network prefix part, which defines the type of address scheme used and the regulatory authority responsible for allocating and administering the address, and the Domain-Specific Part, which contains routinginformation. There are two sub-fields in the IDP:  an Authority and Format Indicator (AFI) field,which contains a two-digit value between 00 and 99 to indicate the addressing scheme used (e.g. DCC, ICD, E.164, Local); and an Initial Domain Identifier (IDI) field, which specifies theaddressing domain and identifies the administrative authority assigned by the ISO to allocate values in certain fields of the DSP. For ATM, the AFI field is coded as follows: 39 = DCC ATM format, 47 =ICD ATM format and 45 = E.164 format.

Question 5:3. How many Octets are in an IPv6 address that does not contain any zeros?

Answer: The IPv6 address consists of 128 bits and 16 bytes.Octet is another term used for byte.Therefore this IPv6 consists of 16 Octets.

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