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Computer Security Assignment Help

 Computer Security Assignment Help(鍥1)

Computer Security Assignment Help | Computer Security Homework Help

A computer security assignment can give students nightmare.Not because they are difficult but because computer security is a vast and evolving topic. If you are a computer science student with limited time to read about computer attacks, systems at risk, computer protection and the wide range of topics that are covered in this subject then you must seek our help. We at CSCODING are the best when it comes to providing computer security assignment help. We have a team of 67 nerdy programmers who have sound knowledge on computer security and have pursued their Masters and PhDs in computer science engineering with specialization in computer security from top universities and colleges. Our Computer Security Assignment Help experts will complete the assignments within the given deadline and without compromising on the quality of the output.

Once our computer security assignment helpexpert takes the responsibility of completing the assignment, you can be assured that the correct solution will be delivered in your inbox. Since our inception, we have helped 12,350+ students across the globe in completing the computer security assignments and 96.3%of our students have gained high scores and top grades.

You can go through the below description of computer security to brushup your concepts.

What Is Computer Security?

Computer security is the most important branch of computer science and plays a critical role in protecting the information stored in the computer from security threats and hackers while allowing the information to be easily accessible to authorized users. Security refers to offering bulletproof security to the computer system like CPU, memory, software programs and the data that is stored in the system. Computer that is compromised by the unauthorized users would put the confidential data of organizations at stake. It is very important to keep the system safe and secure from malicious programs, unauthorized users, worms, viruses, and Trojans by embracing right security measures. There are various ways in which you can secure your computer and few of them are listed below:

Capabilities and access control lists

Secure operating systems

End user security training

Security architecture

Hardware protection mechanisms

Security by design

Reducing vulnerabilities

Security measures

Response to breaches

Vulnerability management

Key Concepts In Computer Security

The key concepts that are involved in computer security assignment help experts are listed below:


This will only let the authorized users to access the application or system. It is important to create a strong authentication system that will make sure to run the program authentically. The operating system will authentic the user in the following ways:

  • Username/password: User has to provide a valid username and password to gain access to the system.

  • User card/key: User has to punch in or enter the right key that is generated by the key generator to access the system.

  • Fingerprint/Retina: User has to give the fingerprint or retina that is registered on the input device and if the user passes this test, then the system will let the user to login into the system.

The Programming Assignment Help can help you in designing an authentication system project.

One time passwords:

This adds an extra layer of security to the normal authentication system.  When you are logged in, you need to enter the unique password that is sent to your email or registered mobile whenever you login into the system. This one time password can be used only once. This is implemented in the following ways:

  • Random numbers: Users will be given cards that are printed with certain alphabets. When the system prompts to enter the numbers that are under the alphabets, you should enter to gain access.

  • Secret key: A hardware device is given to users that create a secret ID which is mapped to the user ID. You need to enter the secret ID every time when you access the system.

  • Network password: There are a few applications that will send one-time password to your email or mobile which you need to enter to login.

Program threats: The user programs that are prone to malicious attack are called as program threat. For instance, a program that is installed on the computer wills secretly send the credentials or bank information to the hacker sitting on the other end without the knowledge of the user. Few of the security threats to which users are vulnerable to include:

  • Trojan horse: These will capture the credentials of users and send to them to the hackers who can later compromise your system and take away the data stored on it.

  • Trap door: This will exploit the security loopholes in the code and carry out the illegitimate activities without the user鈥檚 knowledge.

  • Virus: This will spread to the entire system and corrupt the files. Virus is a code that is embedded in the system. When the virus is spread to the files, it will not allow the user to access the files and programs on the system.

System threats: The hackers will misuse the services and connections on the network to put the user into serious troubles. System threats will launch program threats on the entire network. These threats will also create a vulnerable environment, thus opening a door for the hacker to compromise your system and misuse the files or operating system resources.

Some of the common system threats are listed below:





Computer crime


Denial of service

Screen scrapers







Logic bombs





Also, the key attacks and vulnerabilities are listed below



Denial-of-service attacks

Privilege escalation

Direct-access attacks

Social engineering



Multivector, polymorphic attacks



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Computer Security Assignment Help

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