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Mobile Operating Systems Assignment Help

 Mobile Operating Systems Assignment Help(鍥1)

Mobile Operating Systems Assignment Help

Mobile OS or mobile operating system is a challenging filed where you get to see a new innovation happening on a monthly basis. The device size is shrinking and the world has moved from desktop ? laptop ? tablet ? mobile. The challenge for mobile operating system companies to keep making the device user-friendly. This makes mobile systems a very important part of programming coursework.Writing a mobile operating systems assignment help is a challenging task for students who are already loaded with many other assignments and exams around the corner. However, if you lack knowledge on the topic or do not have enough time to complete the assignment, you can seek the help of our Mobile Systems Assignment Help experts who are ready to guide you at pocket-friendly prices.

It is not an easy task to write an assignment on mobile operating systems with many complicated concepts. To expect awell-structured solutionon such advance topic from the students who are still in the learning phase. If you are a student seeking Mobile Systems homework Help or mobile system project help, then you must reach out to us. We have been working with the mobile operating system since the last 10 years and we would love to share our valuable knowledge with you.

What Is Mobile Operating System?

The mobile operating system or mobile OS is the platform where the data and programs on the mobile phones run. This is the software platform on which other applications or apps run thus making the mobile app a billion dollar industry within a few years. When you switch on the mobile, the OS would show the applications on the mobile in the form of icons on the home screen. Every mobile is managed by the operating system. The operating system will take care of all the functions on the device like synchronizing the application, messaging, etc. The mobile OS works alike to that of the windows OS. However, mobile OS is lighter compared to the computer OS. This would manage wireless broadband connections and multimedia activities. The mobile OS has the ability to use on a device environment using very few resources to communicate like RAM, CPU and storage unit. The OS is what defines the functions and features of a mobile device. Previously, mobiles have used only for communication and for texting. Later, there are many features introduced on the mobile OS. 
The mobile phone operating system can be divided into open source and closed source. Few of the popular phone operating systems include:

  • Android:

    This operating system is based on the Linux platform and is developed by Google. This OS has all the required software for mobile phones to run effectively that enriches the user experience. 

  • iOS:

    This operating system is developed by Apple. This operating system will only support Apple devices like Apple TV, iPhone, iPad and Touch. The iOS operating system is based on UNIX operating system. The iOS has four abstraction layers. These include Core OS, Core Services, Media and the last one is the Cocoa Touch layers. This system offers the storage space of 512 MB. If you need any help in writing the assignment related to this OS, you can take the assistance of our experts. 

  • Windows Mobile OS:

    This operating system by developed by Microsoft that supports pocket PCs and smartphones run on Windows OS. There are three different types of Windows OS. These include - Windows Mobile Professional, Windows Mobile Standard and Windows Mobile Classic. 

  • Color OS:

    This OS system is developed by OPPO and is based on Android OS. The only difference you can observe between Android OS and ColorOS is that the ColorOS would have many new features in its mobile. Those features include a screen on and off, a security center, taking long screenshots, eye protection, lock screen magazines, change the color of temperature, etc. 

  • Oxygen OS:

    This is the tailored version of the Android Operating system and this OS runs on the smartphones that are manufactured by China by the name OnePlus. This type of OS is developed for the smartphones that are released to the overseas market. There is another operating system that exclusively runs on China mobiles with the name HydrogenOS. 

Comparison of 2 most popular mobile operating systems




Google, Open Handset Alliance

Apple Inc.

Market share (2019)




Free and open-source

Proprietary (Except for open source components)

OS family



Programmed In

C, C++, Java, Kotlin

C, C++, Swift, Objective-C


Working on a mobile operating system to design a new feature is a challenging task and if this is a part of your mobile systems assignment then most of the student cannot even perform average in this and many students fail. It involves an understanding of multiple programming languages like C, C++, Java, Swift etc. How can we help you?

Mobile Systems Assignment Help

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